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2016-02-09 18:06:53 by Scar-crow

Hi! I'm Scar but not Crow. Crow does the art and I'll probably do most of the "techy" stuff within Scar-Crow but Crow will be reading comments too. I'll probably keep the comment sections free as long as they keep "clean" enough.

Hope you'll enjoy Crow's art as much as she enjoys drawing it ;)

Feel free to say hi to Crow!

Oh and there's Samus(from Metroid[Are there others?]) coming soon...



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2016-02-15 05:59:00

Hey there Scar! A warm welcome to NG (and to Crow too)! What a great name choice. Wonder how much thought went into the name? Sudden strike of inspiration? Long untellable story? Tedious brainstorming? Well, anyway, looking forward to what more you have to submit! Great art so far.

Scar-crow responds:


There was a thought process to that name but I don't remember how it went to Scar-Crow. Will ask Crow about it as she's also the memory of the operation (never trust me to remember things). Also thanks for the scout.
(Crow will probably answer in the morning as she got Thursday and Friday mixed up and is now partying)


E: Thanks from me, Crow, too. It was Scar that made up the name, I don't know how, and I kinda liked it too. I wanted him to make the names and the stories for I like drawing better and I don't find myself such a good writer. ^^